Friday, December 30, 2011


Dear friends, family and fellow crafters,

Another year has nearly come to an end. Can you believe it! 2011 has flown passed and so much happened in the last year...

I'm really looking forward to 2012. I feel many good changes and exciting thing will happen in the coming year. Many projects, plans, things to eat and places to go...

As you might have noticed I've taken the change quite literally! I wasn't too impressed with my old blog anymore so I'm now a blogger too! Natty is back... bigger, better and most of all faster. I tried my best to transfer as many past projects as I could for future reference. I can tell you, it cost me blood, sweat and tears! At least if this doesn't work out I might be able to make it in IT;)

As for the traveling, I'm actually in Bangkok right now joining my husband on a trip. Thailand, still one of my all time favorite cities always gets me excited.

Anyway, the dinner is booked and my dress is ready. I hope you guys have a fantastic New Year's eve. Let it be the start of a great year to come...

I'll keep you updated on my fabric and craft hunting here in Bangkok.

I wish you all an inspirational 2012!


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