Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Decorative apples

Can you believe it... It’s almost Christmas again! Yes, time flies when you have fun they say but I definitely have to make a start to get this year’s pressies ready in time.

It’s still a bit early I think to start transforming the house in one massive winter wonderland but there’s no harm in putting a few Christmas knickknacks around the house. I usually start decorating after Saint Nicholas (which we celebrate on the 6th of december in my home country) but as there’s no sight of the long bearded man over here in Dubai I thought what the heck...


This idea is actually one I stole from a Belgian Christmas magazine. I thought the apples looked so Christmassy, decorative and delicious all at the same time I just had to make them.

The concept is very easy: you need apples (preferably red ones) and icing sugar. The ready to use sugar from the supermarket (or lazy girl’s icing as I call it) does the job perfectly fine. Decorate the apples to your liking and they’ll look beautiful in a bowl on your kitchen table.

Now let’s see how long they’ll stay on the dining table before someone munches them away;)

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