Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting barbie ready...

Summer is officially over! The temperatures have finally dropped below 30 degrees and the evenings are cooling down, perfect for a barbecue gettogether...


So,I’ve been busy...Even though our garden looks beautiful (courtesy to my husband), I thought it could do with a bit of glamming up.

Over the last few days I’ve been busy sewing a new tablecloth with matching placemats. I made the tablecloth in oilcloth as I thought it would be more practical for the garden.I rimmed the tablecloth with 2 different ribbons and I also sewed on some crocheted flowers (with I didn’t make myself). For the placemats I used silk which I bought from jim Thompson’s outlet store in Bangkok. I love the  lime green colour, it really freshens up your day!



And then there’s my finishing touch... I finally had my leaf garlands hung up and they are... amazing!!!

It was love at first side and I really had to get my hands on these lamps! As our shade sail is quite large I used 2 strands to cover every side.

And here’s what they look like at night:

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