Monday, December 19, 2011

Jolly jade birthday dress

With only 15 days to go to my birthday I’m already off for a bad start... I don’t think I will make the deadline for my 32nd birthday dress but who cares! On top of that I’m about to go on a 2 week,well deserved holiday (yipie!!!).

Last week I finally started on my 1920’s flapper dress. I’m really excited about the Mccall 5379 pattern and I’m already thinking on how to accessorise the dress once finished...
At least if I get there! Vintage patterns don’t turn out to be as easy as I had hoped... In fact, there’s as good as no explanation at all on the so called instruction page. Also, the sizes don’t seem to be what they are today. The dress is a size 16 and for a girl who usually wears a UK size 10 (or occasionally 12...) this size 16 is amazingly small.  For now, with a few adjustments it seems to be ok... Let’s just hope I fit into the end result!

Take 1

I chose to make the dress in a jade green polyester fabric. At the moment Jade green is my favourite colour... Don’t ask me why, I just love the colour!
The dress is actually a 2 piece garment which comes in 2 different versions. One has a fitted sleeve which ends in a point around the wrist, the other one has a gathered sleeve. I’m going for the gathered sleeve, just because I think it’s a little more up to date.
Anyway, I have just finished the top part of the dress which basically looks like a tank top and I’m now working on the pleads of the skirt. So far everything seems to be going as per plan. I’m a bit tired tonight but I hope to attach the skirt to the bodice by tomorrow evening...

Take 2

In the middle of all the madness that’s going on, both at home and at work I have finally managed to finish the pleads in the skirt... As the size of the dress wasn’t exactly what I needed it to be the pleads allowed me to adjust it to exactly my size.

With all the pleads in place I then attached the skirt to the bodice.
Far from finished but already looking very Charleston...

Take 3

I’m afraid there’s no take 3 as yet... I’m off for a well deserved 2 week holiday to New York (so excited!!!). I am looking forward to finish this one though... I’ll keep you posted!

Take 4

Finally... I’ve found myself some time to work on my dress. By now it has become a belated birthday dress. Ok, so I didn’t make the deadline... I still can’t wait to wear it.
Today I started with the blouse for the 2 piece dress.
I’ve made some slight changes to the pattern, just because it is quite complicated and without instructions I prefer to make it i little easier...

Tomorrow I will start with the sleeves and I’m hoping to finish this project very soon...

Take 5

Ok, I know it’s taken me ages to finish this one however I am very pleased with the result...
I’m not sure how often I will be able to wear this  dress though.What I do like about it is that as it is a 2 piece dress the blouse can easily be worn separately for example with skinny jeans. Let’s get the party started!

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