Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pour Rosalie

There seems to be a baby boom in Belgium... Or is it only in my circle of friends? Anyway, it’s the good opportunity to sew some baby garments...

The first baby to make its entrance is Rosalie. Born only last night and a little early I’m really excited to go and visit her. I feel really lucky as I just happen be in Belgium on a visit. Things happen for a reason, don’t they!

I wanted to make a really girly outfit as the baby is my friend Line’s first baby girl. The Oliver+S sailboat top and skirt looked so adorable I could not resist.


I also happened to have some very cute vintage looking fabric lying around which was perfect for this project.

As I had some some extra fabric left I thought it would be nice to make a matching soft toy. The dog I recently made was a big success so I made another Scottie. 

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