Monday, December 19, 2011

Oscar De La Renta jacket

I didn’t start the new year very progressively on the blog side but unfortunately duty has been calling way too much... With still millions of jobs on my list left I don’t know where to start! But hey, everyone needs a break...
Today I’m in Queensland, Australia and I’m not sure what day or time it is (that’s what you call fatigue...).
Unfortunately with all the recent floods in the area my fabric shopping plans have literally fallen in the water! Our hotel has temporarily changed  to the Gold Coast but with a bit of luck we should be back in the city by tomorrow.
My plan is to visit a shop called “Just Plain Gorgeous” ( ,which I found on the internet a while ago and I’m really quite excited to go and see what they have to offer.

Just before I left home I started on my Oscar De La Renta Jacket (Vogue 2950). I choose to make it in a flowery silk brocade I bought a while ago in China. The fabric is surprisingly easy to work with and I love the feel of it. The thickness also makes it perfect for a jacket.

I’ve decided to take my time for this one so please bear with me...

Take 1

Getting started...

I’ve only just started but I’m already excited about the end result... I think I’m going to love this jacket!
The colour is beautiful for sunny weather and it looks great on jeans. I decided on a pink silky lining to match the brocade.Very shabby chic indeed!

 For the skirt I haven’t quite decided on a fabric yet but I’m thinking of a baby blue wool. I might just slightly alter the pattern and make it high waisted.

It took me a while to get the pattern layout correct (flowers can be a bit tricky) but think I got it quite right.

I only managed to cut the pieces and finish the edges but I  can’t wait to get back home and work on it...

Take 2

I’m finally back home from a long trip and couldn’t wait to continue with my very first jacket... As soon as I slept off the fatigue I got behind my sewing desk and started assembling the pieces of the jacket.
The jacket isn’t lined and I actually quite like it that way as the inside wrong side of the fabric is very nice.

Next step, sleeves...

Take 3

Today I’ve started on the sleeves! I know, I’m not the fastest sewer and on top of that I’ve been incredibly busy... It took me a while to get the sleeves in (remember, it’s my first ever jacket) and I had to amend them slightly as they seemed to big for some reason. Actually, I don’t think I got the whole sizing quite right this time... According to my measurements I was a size 12 (which surprised me!) and I think that a 10 would definitely have been big enough. I adjusted the size by enlarging the shoulder darts.

 Take 4

The bow belt....

I’m a girlie girl so bows have always been very me... I changed the bow for the belt by making it larger than the original one. I also used a push button instead of hooks as I think it will be more user friendly.I’m happy with the result!

 Take 5

And... voila!


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