Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Raspberry sorbet dress

It’s very hard for me to go without crafting for very long... I just visited my parents for 2 weeks and it didn’t take me long before I got my mums sewing machine out. Fortunately I was prepared and had a stack of patterns packed in my suitcase.

With a girls night out in mind (I was finally going to a concert again and couldn’t wait to go and see my long time love Brett Anderson) I choose Simplicity’s 2282 dress. 

This Project Runway dress I a modern adaptation of  a peplum dress. Peplum has made a real comeback this summer amongst various designers.


            Peplum at Boutique one in Dubai

My mum has an enormous stash of fabrics.Having been a very keen sewer herself she was very happy to see me use some of her left over fabrics.
I immediately fell in love with this raspberry coloured polyester stretch fabric.I thought the colour was beautiful and and the weight of the fabric gave it a nice flow.


I finished the dress just in time for a perfect night out...

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