Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Organic rose body scrub

Girls always like their smelly stuff... That’s why I’m so fond Martha Stewart’s organic body scrub.

You can make your body scrub with either sugar or salt, with larger or smaller grains, whatever floats your boat.
I prefer to make mine with cane sugar as I like the size of the grains. You can also use white sugar if you prefer a softer scrub.

Here’s what you’ll need:

500g of organic cane sugar
125ml of vegetable oil
food colouring
essence oil (I use rose)

Mix the whole lot into a bowl and pack into jam jars.
The finishing touch are cuttlebug made tags.

For the oil I personally use bio body oil cause I love that one. If you use vegetable oil then buy the high quality one as they don’t smell. Don’t use olive oil unless you want the scrub to be olive flavored.


Now scrub away...

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