Monday, December 19, 2011

Hors de prix dress

About two years ago I found this picture while flicking through a glossy magazine. I’ve always been a Moschino fan, especially of their Olive (from Popeye) images. I love the dress in the photo because it looks so feminine and easy to wear. Needless to say it is way out of my price range!

Until a couple of months ago, while looking through a vogue pattern catalogue I found a pattern which looks pretty much identical to the Moschino dress which had been hanging for ages on my inspiration board.

It took me a while to get started as my to-do sewing list grows longer and longer by the day but I finally found the time to get started.

For the fabric a chose a wool mix. I bought it a while
ago in China on the fabric market in Guangzhou. The quality is really nice (it says it’s Givenchy but doubt it’s the real thing!) and I thought it would be perfect for this dress.

I slightly adapted the pattern and made the front of the bodice larger so that it would look more like the dress in the picture. I do like the result however, as the fabric isn’t as stiff it hangs more down.I still like the look of it though...

Take 1

Amending the pattern

This was easier than I thought it would be!
After I drew the shape and cut it out I stuck it on my mannequin to see what it would look like and I was happy with the result.


Take 2

Assembling the bodice

For the bodice lining I used crepe silk. It feels soft and is slightly stronger than normal silk.


I opted for the long sleeve version of the dress as I want to wear it in winter time. I also chose the longer length as I think it suits me better.

Take 3

Attaching the lined skirt

As I had changed the pattern slightly for the bodice I needed to adapt the skirt size as well (for both the skirt and the lining). Due to the thick lining the dress turned out to be quite heavy which is perfect for a winter dress.
Today I also sewed in tag so all there is left to do is make the hem.We’re almost there!

Take 4

I’m finally there... Finishing off the hem and my dress is ready to be worn! Unfortunately the weather in Dubai has suddenly changed and I’m afraid winter time is over... I will be spending time in Europe so I’m sure I’ll find an occasion to wear it. Hasta la vista!


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