Monday, December 19, 2011

She's such a gem!

Gemstones... I am absolutely crazy about them! Not only because they come in the most vibrant of colours but most of all because I love jewellery. I first started making (mainly) necklaces a few years ago when I discovered Bangkok was “the” place to be as far as these stones are concerned. Just off Silom Road in the heart of the oriental city is  Charoen Krung, a street packed with gemstone shops. From Corals to amethysts, quartzes to turquoises... hundreds of stones are winking at you as soon as you walk in the door of one of these shops. My favourite shop is unmistakably Sahil’s little shop. As soon as I enter the site my eyes start tingling and bright ideas for new creations are growing inside my mind. Some stones are on sale per thread, others are sold per weight.


My first intention was initially to make jewellery in order to sell it on a craft market in Dubai however as time passed I grew so attached to my babies I could no longer mentally separate from them or give them up for adoption. With so many colours I can make something to fit every outfit...  My favourite colours must be green and blue so I often go for jades and turquoises but I’m basically in love with anything colourful. I try to each necklace a personal touch and usually add a bow or a nice silver lock as the cherry on the cake.

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