Monday, December 19, 2011

Konichiwa (Natty in Japan)

I have to say, Asia has always been one of my favorite places... If not for the food (and yes, I did overdose on sushi again this time!) then it’s for the shopping. In Asia you can literally shop until you drop! Some places, like Japan will leave you with a bigger whole in your pocket than others but the shopping buzz is so great it’s hard resisting swiping that card over and over again.
As a first time visitor to Osaka I should be embarrassed, I know.... Temples, geishas, many interesting things to see and do in the land of Cherry blossom. I however was on a mission with 2 destinations!

First stop: La Droguerie.

 My mum and sister have visited this craft/haberdashery shop several times in Lille, France and kept telling me how much I would like it so there was no way I could leave Japan without popping in (one of the perks of my job!).
At first it was a bit of a challenge to find the place  but with some help of the hotel concierge and my printed map from their website the taxi driver managed to drop me pretty much in front of the shop.
I was quite impressed with their selection of buttons and jewellery making equipment. I got my hands on a handbag keychain hook for a new project on which I can’t spill any beans yet! I also bought a chain and lock for a new collar necklace.

Second destination: Toraya.

Asians are crazy about anything with cute designs, including fabric so needless to say I had to visit a fabric shop too! Without a name or address of any shop it took me a while to find the best place to go. After hours of research on websites and blogs I finally found Toraya. The shop is located near Namba station, across from Takashimaya department store. The store sells hundreds of fabrics in the cutest designs and patterns, I just couldn’t choose...

I bought some nice fabrics for which I haven’t decided yet what I will do with it yet but I’m sure to find a new project for it!


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