Monday, December 19, 2011

It's a fashion affair cookies

When my sister gave me Peggy Porschen’s Cake Chic book for Christmas I could not wait to get started. For someone with a sweet tooth like me these cookies are the ultimate culinary delight...
So with my mum and sister on holidays in Dubai I finally found the time to get busy in the kitchen.
The cookies are so easy to make and after all it’s a nice change from my love for sewing. We decided on making the ballerina shoes and our own spring/summer collection of dresses...
The cookie dough was easy enough and well explained in the book (I’m not one for complicated things in the kitchen, boiled eggs are difficult enough for me...).

 As we didn’t have any suitable cookie cutters we drew the shapes on wax paper and cut them out of the dough. After 10 minutes in the oven the sugar biscuits were ready.

 Now... Even tough there’s nothing nicer than a nice afternoon tea with delicious cookies, the highlight of the experience is undoubtably decorating them.
We choose to go for a light blue background of icing and decorate the details in red, blue and white. I never knew how easy it was to make your own icing. With just icing sugar, lemon and egg white you just can’t go wrong.
Soon the cookies started looking better than I ever would have thought... On top of that I never knew my sister would be a such a great designer!

And I think I’m not too bad myself... Check out the Marc Jacob’s inspired mouse flats!


               Cookies:  400g plain flour
                                200g caster sugar
                                200g soft unsalted butter
                                1 egg, beaten

               Icing:  1kg icing sugar
                          4 medium egg whites
                          a squeeze of lemon
                          food colouring as desired

For more details check out Peggy Porschen’s Cake Chic.

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