Monday, January 2, 2012

Felt flower pillow

The festive season is nearly over and I'm still full of eggnog, turkey and cheese mixed with lots of Champagne. It's been a great time of celebration, joy and reflection on a fantastic year 2011 and I'm very curious about what 2012 has bring... It's definitely time to hit the gym again and burn those calories off!

As you might have read on my blog, this year I gave friends and family most of all homemade presents. I just think they're  more personal and so much fun to make.

I also received a few homemade pressies I want to share with you...

My friend Dharini made me this beautiful 3D felt flower pillow. I immediately fell in love with it! She told me she was inspired by a pillow she saw from The Pottery Barn...  The tutorial for the pillow came from Some day crafts ...

I really love edible presents too. Nothing nicer than biscuits or relish made with love. My friend Jo made me these yummy Italian biscottis and beetroot relish...

Thank you dear friends for a perfect Christmas!

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