Monday, December 19, 2011

Vintage teacup candles

Last summer I took my mum on an exciting city trip to London (just because I can never get enough of this city!). One stop we couldn’t possibly miss was Liberty’s, “the” department store for diehard fashionista’s as well as hardcore crafters like myself.
After spending a good hour on the fabric and haberdashery floor we headed for the home ware department. It was then that I discovered the cutest vintage teacup candles. I just couldn’t leave the place without one of these amazing candles! That was until I noticed the price.... 40 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!

 Even though I have to admit they looked beyond adorable I just couldn’t justify spending that money on a candle.

It wasn’t until a few month later, when visiting the Craft Christmas Club blog I realised they’re actually dead easy to make yourself... On top of that you can choose your own cup!

So last week, on a trip to the UK I headed straight to the Hobbycraft shop in Crawley where I found a whole section of candle making equipment. After browsing through all the different waxes and gels I decided to go for the organic soy wax (lets go green!). Not only is it the friendlier for the environment, it’s also microwavable and a lot less messy than normal wax. Perfect for a messy pup like myself!

So today I started, full of enthusiasm as a first time candle maker on my very own teacup candles... I had bought a couple of cute tea cups in Zara home last week (much more affordable) and decided to make the candles pink and give them a Lilly of the Valley smell.

The instructions on the box were pretty clear and the candle were made in no time. Wether they’ll burn well remains to be seen... 


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