Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The apple of my eye dress

Tomoko Nakamichi’s book series Pattern Magic seem to be very popular in the contemporary world of sewing. Well there’s a reason for it... His designs are almost like architectural masterpieces in simplistic designs and shapes and are very interesting and educational for keen sewers like myself...

As I bought the my first copy of his books in Japanese (unfortunately they weren’t available yet in English) it was quite a task for a sewer like myself to start on a project like this. Even though I have undoubtedly climbed up the skills ladder in the last year, I still consider myself a beginner.

I’m not too sure whether bows are still suitable for a woman in her thirties but I do love them so I went for the bow dress anyway.

I choose to make the dress in a thick off white linen which is quite heavy.

The project was actually remarkably easy to sew and put together. The most difficult part for me was enlarging the pattern and getting the size right.
I still think it’s slightly to large and I wish I had made the kick pleat higher but or a first try I’m quite happy...

I have already made some changes to my pattern and I think I’ll definitely try it again.

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