Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Femme fatale dress

What fashion era do you like like best? Do you prefer 1950‘s circle skirts over massive 80’s shoulder pads? Or is it petticoats that do the trick for you? In general I really like the 1920’s. Sophisticated, elegant and feminine... And I just love those flapper dresses! 


My least favourite period must be the 80s. I really don’t get the massive shoulder pads and I hate electric blue with a passion....

The 1970’s don’t seem to be very much in fashion these days. The whole Mad Men hype has overruled any fashion that’s less than 30 years old.
The good thing about it is that 1970’s pattern are much easier to get your hands on and even better, they’re dirt cheap.


I really fell in love with this Simplicity pattern 5363 as soon as I first laid my eyes on it. I could’t contain my excitement when I ended up purchasing it for only 0.25$!!!

Banana, neon, mustard or canary... My obsession for yellow seems to be feeding itself. I just think the world is dull enough to be walking through it in darks (except from the all important LBD of course!). Normally any bright colour does it for me but lately I’m insatiable for this one. The fabric I used is a polyester jersey which cost me about 10$ for 3 meters.

I think the dress is very wearable and I’ll wear it a lot.
I certainly want to try it in another colour... maybe, just maybe in something other than yellow :)

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