Monday, June 4, 2012

Colombe top

Citronille is one of the cutest brands of sewing patterns. I discovered them about a year ago and have fallen completely in love with these vintage inspired patterns. Even though their adult patterns are quite nice too it's especially the baby clothes that make my heart melt. 

My Moschino inspired strawberry fantasy dress (Meg pattern) was one of my last projects however since my husband and I found out we're going to have a little baby boy by early October (we are so excited!!!!) I just can't stop sewing baby stuff...

This Citronille Colombe top is so adorable I just couldn't wait to make it in this fabulous blue rabbit cotton I bought a while ago. I actually started making the top before I knew the sex of the baby. As I thought it was quite unisex (at least for a baby) I went ahead and started on this adorable blouse. I made the long sleeve version of the top for winter time. It has 3 buttons at the back.

In case you're interested: Citronille patterns are available from however they're only available in French so a basic knowledge of the language is required...


  1. Gorgeous top - and congratulations!! Good to hear you have enough energy to make baby clothes! I certainly didn't when I was pregnant with my little boy.

    1. Thank you! My sewing energy is never ending...



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