Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nid d'ange

About 2 years ago I visited Osaka. Japan being the mecca of cutesy cottons I went on s fabric shopping spree that put my bank account in the red. 

I found this Toraya shop (via Adey of the sew convert) in the covered shopping arcade in central Osaka. You can believe the amount of adorable fabrics they sell there...

Anyway, 2 years on and I've nearly gone through the whole stash. One of the last fabrics I had left was this dark grey colored cotton with rabbits. 
I decided to make a little angel nest with it...

Again I used a Citronille pattern (Nid d'ange). It's perfect to place inside a pram and will keep the baby nice and warm. 

I lined the nest with a very soft dark grey cotton and used the same cotton the cover the buttons. 

                                  Sweet dreams angel!

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