Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Treasure Trove

Bangkok, Bangkok... I love you so much! I've just come back from another holiday in Thailand. I love Thailand and Thailand loves me, what can I say... I just never get bored of this city. The food, the massages and pampering and, of course, the treasure hunting! Bangkok is such a paradise for sewers! And Pahurat is "the" place to be. It's very busy in the fabric heaven of Bangkok and I usually can't stay there for too long (thank God for my wallet) but I never leave disappointed... Whether you need fabric or notions, the place is packed with hot stuff. Let me show you what I found this time...

Kokka fabric
Cotton with birds
Thai silk
Handmade silk flower
Vintage style buttons

The buttons cost me about 8 euros for the whole lot. Silk is sold for about 5 to 10 euros, depending on the quality. Ribbon, rickrack and lace comes in hundreds of colors and costs about 2 euros for a pack of 36 yards! They certainly don't rip you off...

Now lets get started!

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