Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A dress for mama...

Phew... 42 degrees is way too hot for my liking! Windows are all steamed up and it's a true sauna out here... On top of that, we're in the middle of Ramadan so me and my little one are clustered to home. As he's having longer and longer naps during the day it's not necessarily a bad thing!

I finally managed to make myself a dress. Well... it's taken me about 18 months! I started this dress just before I got pregnant. Unfortunately, as soon as we received the news about our little baba I completely lost interest. I started sewing baby clothes like there was no tomorrow and when I finally felt like making myself something new, I simply wouldn't fit in it anymore...

Anyway, I've reached the point where it's nice to have some time to myself. 
The pattern I used for this dress is Vogue 8766.

I was inspired by a Prada dress I saw in a magazine. The dress had bright colored horizontal stripes and had a 1920's feel to it, with a modern twist.

Vogue 8766 reminded me of this dress and with some minor changes, especially length wise I created my own Prada dress!

I used bright pink stretch jeans for the dress and lined it in a cotton of the same color.

I shortened the dress by approximately 20 cm and made the ruffle about 5 cm shorter...

 Now counting down for the cool weather to return and in the mean time... sew!


  1. Gorgeous dress! Love the colour and that flounce detail - better than Prada ;) !

    1. Thank you! I immediately fell in love with this pink jeans fabric...

  2. Yay for some time to yourself! I'm sure you've earned it. That's a beautiful dress and that vogue pattern looks very versatile. A good one to have in the collection.



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