Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Luca's sarouels

How do they do it... Hats off to all new mums who get behind a sewing machines before their baby reaches the 6 month mark! It's taken me a while to get started again (7 months to be exact). But hey, there's only one thing better than spending an afternoon sewing and that's having some TLC with a little baba who has the ability to make your heart fly, all day long, every day.

So I'm running that well oiled sewing machine again and I'm bursting of plans and ideas to get me started. I'm so in the mood!

I have a half finished dress waiting on my sewing table. I started it just after I got pregnant but lost all interest as soon as I knew I could really start on those super cute baby clothes. I have to say, I slightly lost interest but I really want to finish it... at some point.

As I'm more of a diesel than a petrol car (I'm a slow starter) I started off with a simple project, some baby sarouels.
I love sarouel trousers (or harem pants as some people like to call them). They're an easy project, finished in just over an hour and they're super comfortable for babies to move in. I admit I love the skinny jeans but let's be honest, what would you prefer to crawl in?

I made this pair in grey cotton with stars. I trimmed the legs with elastic to make them look extra puffy. Luca needs a few more pairs so I'll be back soon... 

1 comment:

  1. Your little boy is so beautiful! Definitely worth giving up sewing to cuddle him. Love the pants. Much more functional than jeans.



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