Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pimp my bouncer

6 weeks to go and just moving becomes more and more difficult...
With temperatures rising well above 30 degrees last week here in Belgium,  nights are becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

It doesn't stop me from doing any crafting though and I've been very busy this week with an exciting new project... I pimped my second hand baby bouncer! 

I found a second hand Baby Bjorn bouncer in pretty good condition. Well, the frame of the bouncer was in very good condition however I thought the cover of the seat to look a little washed.

I decided on using Ikea heavy weight upholstery cotton as it's very strong and cheap. They have quite a wide selection of designs and colors. I chose a dark grey cotton for one side and a white and black children design cotton for the other side.

 I started off by washing and tumble drying the fabric. As it's a baby seat I just wanted to make sure I'd be able to wash it properly to remove possible stains. I simply drafted the pattern by placing the existing cover flat on top of my pattern paper and tracing it. I also used extra strong thread to ensure the cover can hold a 2 year old's weight, just like the original one.
The cover as well as the pants part (not sure what to name it!) is reversible so you can basically use both sides to your liking...

 Someone will be bouncing like crazy soon!


  1. Wow, great project! It looks very professional.

  2. I'm loving all your DIY stuff for baby. Bump is looking good too!



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