Monday, July 2, 2012

Marvelous Meg

Good morning July! Summer holidays have officially started and even though there's not a ray of sunshine to be spotted outside you can feel the vacation vibe in the air. A slightly higher temperature would probably fit the picture better but what can you do...

So my next dress isn't a your typical sundress (I wouldn't fit in it anyway...) but a nice mid season baby doll type LBD.

I've always been very fond of baby doll dresses. I find them very wearable as well as versatile (in winter time I wear them with tights, in summer bear legged or with leggings). At the moment they even serve as maternity wear (about the only kind of dresses I still fit into).

This dress is (again) a Citronille pattern. This Meg dress is so adorable and comfy I think I might try it out in another fabric.
This time I have to admit I had to fiddle slightly with the sleeves. I don't know whether I did something wrong or whether it was the pattern but the sleeves wouldn't match up for some reason (most probably it was me!). Anyway, thanks to my best friend the seam ripper and lots of patients I did manage to sort the problem out...

In the photo the seam doesn't seem to be straight but it's just my growing tummy...


  1. It's a very nice dress for pregnancy... and after!

  2. What kind of fabric is this? Itis very nice.



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